Four Ways Glazing


Fourways Glazing cc began operating officially as a
manufacturing enterprise in 2002 with the mission to produce
quality long lasting finishing products for the building Industry

Based in Durban, Fourways Glazing is engaged in the
manufacturing and supply of glazed and unglazed clay
products such as window sill tiles, pool tiles, terracotta clay
tiles as well as airbricks for ventilation.

After manufacturing, these products are supplied to
distributors, construction companies, hardware stores,
building contractors as well as the retail customers, thus
enabling our products to reach every possible customer that
is building almost anywhere in Southern Africa.

All glazed clay products are fired at extremely high
temperatures for many hours resulting in products of pure
colour and pure style often exceeding even the customers
expectations.  A feature of these uniquely manufactured
products is that no two are exactly the same – adding a
pottery type authenticity to their blended appearance.

Of the many products available, the glazed clay sill tile is by
far the most popular product of Fourways Glazing, due its
most favorable quality.  Besides enhancing the aesthetic look
of any property, the glazed clay sill tile has the advantages
of being durable, maintenance free, stain-resistant and
everlasting.  These tiles brighten up any window area and

uniquely blend with the brick or building color due to the
variety of colours that are produced.  Some of the blends
manufactured include the dapple amber, atlantic blue, forest
green, black, burgundy and grey.

The glazed clay airvents or air bricks are always vermin-
proofed and co-ordinated in color with the glazed sill tile,
adding lasting beauty and much required ventilation in
any building.

Although the clay products, even in their rustic natural
terracotta unglazed finish, are the most durable, appealing
and preferred product, the company does offer the customer
a more cost-effective option of the cement sill tile and airbrick,
which is also available in a variety of shades, to aptly suit the marketplace.